Tooth-friendly school snacks for kids

Hints & TipsBy Cherry Trees Dental09, November, 2021

With the kids back at school, take a look at 8 ideas for tooth-friendly snacks that take just minutes to prepare!

  • Rainbow pots – create a selection of fruit and veg in every colour of the rainbow, for example peppers, blueberries, cucumber and mini tomatoes.
  • Pitta strips with hummus – Slice a wholemeal pitta into strips and serve with some hummus for a satisfying mid-morning treat.
  • Mini cheeses – cheese is good for teeth, not just because it contains calcium, but also because it helps to neutralise acids in the mouth. Ready-packaged mini cheeses can be expensive, but you can easily make your own by slicing a block of cheddar into cubes.
  • Banana – a banana is a filling and nutritious snack that also gives a hit of sweetness. Prevent the banana getting bruised by using one of the special banana pots that area available.
  • Vegetable sticks – carrot, cucumber, cauliflower and peppers can be chopped up and served raw. For a bit of variation, add a small pot of dip, such as cheese and chive, tzatziki or sour cream.
  • Apple quarters – apples are full of fibre and their crisp texture helps prevent them sticking to teeth. If your child has lost their front teeth, you can apples easier to eat by removing the core and cutting into quarters or slices.
  • Oatcakes – oatcakes, either plain or with savoury flavours (and ideally sugar-free), are a high-fibre snack that are both filling and far less damaging to teeth than most high-fibre bars that you can buy.
  • Cream cheese and celery – try filling celery sticks with cream cheese as a crunchy, creamy snack that is a source of calcium.