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straighten misaligned & crooked teeth it's never too late to start

Crooked teeth? Would you like them straighter? It’s never too late to have straighter teeth, even as an adult. Teeth straightening is now possible for everyone (adults too) and you don’t have to wear unsightly ‘train-track’ braces for years. Today, patients want removable, invisible, fast solutions to their crooked teeth. Cherry Trees Dental offer a range of innovative Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry solutions to help patients achieve the smile they always wanted, including Invisalign; a virtually invisible teeth straightening solution.

invisalign: for the smile you always wanted

Invisalign achieves straighter teeth by a series of custom-made tray sets that move teeth incrementally. Each set is worn for about two weeks, then replaced by the next in the series until the final position is achieved. Invisalign may not be for everyone. We will advise you on this when you arrive for your consultation, however, the main benefits of Invisalign include:

Iterlo 3D Digital Dental Scanner

Invisalign & iTero Digital Teeth Straightening

You’ll see in advance how your new straight teeth and smile will look. Using iTero advanced digital intraoral scanning technology, our  ‘Invisalign Outcome Simulator’, models the relationship between your teeth, gums and jaw, as the basis for your individual Invisalign treatment plan. Each tray set is designed to gradually improve spacing, crowding, bite alignment and crookedness.

Not only does this technology eliminate the need for traditional impression moulds to be taken, it also offers better results and a more predictable outcome for each individual patient. During treatment, the iTero Invisalign Outcome Simulator is also used to track progress, make real-time adjustments and send new scans directly to the dental laboratory, speeding up your treatment.

invisalign FAQ

Compared with traditional metal braces Invisalign is much more comfortable. As with any orthodontic appliance, Invisalign can feel mildly uncomfortable at first. However, after a week, most patients are used to their aligners and have no problems wearing it.

Invisalign is generally less expensive than traditional orthodontic brace alternatives, representing excellent value for money. The cost of treatment may vary depending on the number of visits and aligners required, and complexity of the case. Following a consultation with your Orthodontist, you will be given an indication of costs and treatment time.

Invisalign may affect your speech slightly for a week or two. You will however acclimate to the aligner over time and be able to speak fine with them in place.

Compliance is paramount. Invisalign will only work if you wear it everyday for the treatment time. Ideally patients should wear the aligner for up to 22 hours a day. Any less and the treatment could take longer to complete.

Invisalign can be removed before eating. Afterwards, you should clean your teeth before you refit it back in your mouth.

It is okay to take your Invisalign aligner out for photos, special occasions and eating for a few hours.

As with all orthodontic treatments your teeth may tend to try and move back. We can supply you with a night-time retainer.

Invisalign uses the most up-to-date technology and techniques in orthodontics. Cases vary depending on the degree of crowding and level of compliance but most cases see results in a few months, rather than years as with traditional braces.

Invisalign animated demo
Invisalign retainer

Invisalign Patient Case Studies

Invisalign patient case study 1
Invisalign patient case study 2