Preventative Dentistry & Regular Dental Health Checks

Preventative Dentistry is at the heart of what we do

Preventative dentistry is at the heart of everything that we do at Cherry Trees Dental, Leighton Buzzard. More time spent on hygiene visits and education will mean less time having teeth filled or removed and less cost to you, the patient. Something we’re sure that you’ll welcome! Better oral health is recognised as important to the body as a whole and not just the mouth. It is becoming increasingly clear that gum and periodontal disease are linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes amongst others.

Caring For Your Teeth In Beds Bucks & Herts

A Dental Health Check at Cherry Trees Dental is the first step in our preventative dentistry programme, designed to ensure your oral health. Not just for adults, we encourage children to be checked at an early age too. Our comprehensive checks involve a lot more than simply examining your teeth. For new patients we start with your medical history, medical conditions and medications that could affect any future General Dental Treatment.

smiling man with healthy teeth

Most dental problems can be Prevented

Regular oral checks-ups are important both for the health of your teeth and gums, and also for your overall health. All Cherry Trees Dental patients are encouraged to visit our dental hygienist at least twice a year for professional teeth cleaning and plaque control, to ensure your mouth, teeth and gums are kept in tip top condition. At home, you should also floss regularly and brush with fluoride toothpaste.

Oral & Dental Health Checks

1. Mouth Check

We examine your whole mouth to provide a complete picture of your oral health. This includes the lining of your mouth, tongue, cheeks, palate and the back of your mouth. We screen for oral cancer and discuss any concerns you may have about recent changes in your mouth. If early mouth cancer is suspected we will refer you to a consultant.

2. Teeth Examination

We examine your teeth for sensitivity, discolouration, plaque, decay, enamel cracks, chips, broken teeth, and wear and tear due to external factors. We will discuss any concerns you may have about your teeth and can make a plan to prevent further wear & tear. X-rays may be taken for early decay detection and for possible root or bone problems.

3. Dentistry Checks

We check all existing dentistry including fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures to ensure soundness and advise on a future treatment plan if necessary. X-rays or CT scans may be required for specialist views of a particular dental issue as part of the examination.

4. Alignment Check

Your teeth alignment is assessed for any crookedness, crowding or unevenness that may exist. Your bite and how your teeth fit together is assessed in relation to how if affects your jaws, teeth and other dental work. If appropriate, we can advise on teeth alignment correction treatments such as Invisalign, for both children and adults.

5. Gum Health

We examine your gums for any signs of sensitivity or soreness, recession causing teeth to lose stability, infection or other abnormalities, requiring periodontal intervention. We pay particular attention to loose teeth and check for plaque around the gum margin, which is a major cause of tooth and gum problems, and advise on treatment.

6. Jaw & Neck

We will check your jaw joint for jaw comfort, bone levels, and to ensure movements are normal or if any clicks are present. We also examine the lymph nodes, salivary glands and muscles in the neck / under jaw area to check for any unusual swelling.

7. Further Discussion

Once all the checks are complete we can discuss further dental care options with you. For example, we recommend that you visit our dental hygienist at least twice a year for regular plaque control and professional teeth cleaning. We can also advise on cosmetic dentistry treatments if you want to improve the colour and appearance of your teeth and smile.