Dental Implants & missing tooth restorations

Cherry Trees Dental Implants restore aesthetics & function

Cherry Trees Dental has been providing General Restorative Dentistry in Linslade, Leighton Buzzard for more than three decades. When you break a tooth, a filling or a crown may be required, or perhaps Cosmetic Dentistry with composite dental bonding or even a Porcelain Veneer. But when you lose a whole tooth, including the root, you’re left with a gap. That’s when facial aesthetics and chewing ability may be lost, and remaining teeth can start drifting. Cherry Trees Dental can restore your smile with permanent dental implants to support single or multiple teeth, bridges and dentures, to replace the gaps you’re left with after you lose a tooth.

Dental Implants look & feel like Real teeth

Dental implants act like natural tooth roots and offer one of the most effective, permanent solutions to replace one or more missing teeth, and also as an alternative to removable dentures. Dental implants last a lifetime, provide a firm foundation for crowns, bridges or dentures.

Replacing missing teeth helps to prevent the collapse of facial feaatures and your bite. It restores harmony, form, function and aesthetics to your face and dentition. We always conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants in place of more conventional restorations such as removable dentures.

dental implant single tooth illustration

Dental implant supported crowns

Implants require no special care other than regular oral care. They do however, require healthy gums and bones to support the metal anchor. The aim is to achieve immediate close contact with surrounding bone. Over time, with further bone growth, the implant eventually fuses with the natural bone.

Once the implant is screwed or tapped into a carefully drilled socket at the precise location of the intended tooth, it acts just like a tooth root. To support replacement teeth, implants have an internal screw or post space for the attachment of crowns, bridges or dentures. Implants can be placed at the time of a tooth extraction.

Dental Implant supported bridges

Traditional fixed bridge restorations replace missing teeth by attaching an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth to fill the gap, essentially forming a bridge. Today, dental implants are used to support a bridge, eliminating the need for a partial denture and without affecting adjacent healthy teeth.

Replacing multiple missing teeth that are all next to each other with dental implants, requires fewer implants. If you lose three adjacent teeth, they can be replaced using two implants to support the bridge. Your new implant bridge will be fixed and more comfortble than a removable partial denture.

Dental implant bridge illustration
Dental implant denture illustration

Dental implant supported Dentures

Cherry Trees Dental offer both removable dentures (false teeth) to replace multiple missing teeth, and permanent, implant supported dentures, made to match the color of your teeth and gums, restoring your ability to eat and speak normally. Removable partial dentures are secured by attachments to nearby natural teeth.

Permanent implant supported full and partial dentures are long-lasting and provide a more functional, natural-looking smile, without worrying about your dentures slipping. Where a full jaw denture is required, we offer a cost-effective implant solution called ‘All-on-4’ requiring fewer, strategically placed implants.